Is this a pre mid life crisis ?

I’m 24 years old and I am mentally in this place where my career is slowly settling into place and it seems my mind has moved on to other things. Suddenly there’s this desire to fall in love and have a family, suddenly I can hear this invisible clock ticking . Most of the time the ticking is minimal and only apparent when mind wanders to the thought of having a significant other. However when I’m invited to a wedding ,baby shower or engagement dinner that sound of a clock ticking turns into my heart pounding and then I’m suddenly overcome with worry. It feels like I’m running out of time , I’m aware that being twenty-four is a commodity to people older than me that love to say “wow, at twenty-four I was at the peak of my wild years , you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t everything”. Sincerely I wish I felt this sentiment , I wish with many fibers of my being that I didn’t see other couples walking with there children and think ” one day soon , I hope”. In saying this I’m not saying that my lust or thrill for life is gone , I still want to travel and see the world for all of it’s beautiful chaos but I’d be open to seeing the world with my family instead of alone. My life has taught me many lesson in friendships , relationships and work relations and for me personally it seems like I’m ready to put all that I’ve learned to use. It is with that thought that I can say I’M NOT IN ANY RUSH to get married or have a baby .In my honest opinion these are things worth waiting for and worth putting in the time and effort it takes to sustain them. I don’t feel like my mind is moving to fast I just feel like my hearts in the right place and that in time this will be my reality. So to the people in there 20s having the same thoughts as me , when the time comes we will know and I hope that family life with it’s highs and its lows is everything we dreamed it could be and more. – My

2 thoughts on “Is this a pre mid life crisis ?

  1. I am currently going through the same exact thoughts at the age of 23. I just can’t seem to shut my mind off constantly thinking about marriage and babies and yet there is so much I want to do that cannot run parallel with these. It’s a conflicting situation, one that I hope you figure out soon- thank you for sharing and showing that I am not alone with these thoughts

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    • I believe our minds will settle , when we are watching our children play one day . I hope that everything you dream of comes to past . Have a beautiful day. – My

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