My Day at the Zoo

When you work in the social field and you deal with children and families not everyday is a good day , some days are full of tears and anger not from me as the worker but from the families I encounter. Today was a good day , I got to take an ice cream loving three year old to the zoo, I found out her favorite animal is a cheetah but if you ask her it’s a Cheeto (children are amazing) . Everyone needs a dose of happy and seeing a toddler marvel at animals is nothing short of an happy pill. My goal in this post is to bring you with me and a giggling three year old around the zoo. So let the adventure begin. We will start with the Cheeto according to a tiny human, she also says he’s a big cat friend and he’s the fastest cat at the zoo. She’s not wrong ! Right after our big cat friend came an ice cream truck and my tiny human was definitely wearing it .We will continue our adventure to the giraffes my personal favorite! The oldest of the bunch was hanging out by the walk way eating leaves and being really friendly.

Walking away from our friendly y’all friend we saw zebras and rhinos !

As luck would have it not only is my tiny human a Cheeto enthusiast she’s also an explorer and pointed out a turtle.

At our local zoo there are no actual elephants however there are some statues made out of recycled metals. The art caused my tiny human to jump up and down repeatedly saying “ellie’s!”

There is a walk about at my zoo and there are birds and kangaroos on this area , there not caged and they are laying about . You will also see bunnies and squirrels eating the kangaroos food out of the bowls to which my tiny human said ,” those squirrels didn’t ask for carrots ” .

I wish I would have captured this on video , if your unsure about yourself , never take a three year old into a bird house . Unless your prepared to carry the three year old the entire way and swat the air like your batting flies. Otherwise it’s a great experience!

Hear me out , when your tiny human starts running towards other tiny humans who are eating French fries and starts saying share , it is certainly time to eat and this is lunch with a view of an island of flamingoes ! In true Florida kid fashion my tiny human ate here salad , yes SALAD! While standing on one leg . Yay! Veggie loving toddlers !

After we ate my tiny and her loyal crew “chomp , chomp ,chomped !” All the way to the alligators and she was unamused at there lack of activity because they were all napping !

We strolled across a bridge and we met what my tiny human described as a giant lizard , it was the Komodo Dragon.

We walked down the path some more and there was an area where you could feed koi fish and two dollars later, I think the fish ate more than enough .

Across this bridge we met the cutest animal in the zoo in my opinion , the meerkats ! We stayed awhile in meerkat manor , there was a tunnel for the kids and I assure my tiny human didn’t miss the opportunity to crawl under the home of the meerkats to see into there burrows .

Now we had to run to catch our train for the zoo tour and I do mean run! We picked up the tiny human and jogged from meerkat manor all the way to train. We saw camels , antelope , elk and a bald eagle among some other animals and there remains !

The conclusion to my day at the zoo was very enthusiastic, my tiny human sung the Florida alphabet on the way home until she sung herself right to sleep. Today was a good day . – Myriesha

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