Romance is a Bonus Book

The lead actors in this K Drama are Lee Jong-Suk who plays Eun-ho and Lee Na-young who plays Dan-i , although this drama is full of all the tropes we know and love , this one falls into a slightly different category . The age gap in this onscreen relationship is the opposite of the stereotype the woman is older and not only that she’s also a divorced single mom. Dan-i’s backstory made this drama interesting because she’s the difference in the trope. She goes through love and doubt and then she gains hope by speaking with a friend who cares for her and the cycle begins again with the added benefit of loss.

Eun-ho played by Lee Jong-Suk is a man that has only ever loved one woman but she’s only ever seen him as friend , a very dependable friend but a friend none the less. He like Dan-i has had his fair share of love and loss. However unlike Dan-I his Love was unrequited and he emotionally suffered for it but he kept his lips sealed especially when your friendship is solid. Eun-ho is a wildly successful writer , he is also a college professor.Dan-i was a wildly successful marketing specialist, however she gave all of this up to be a wife and mother.

In true K-Drama fashion Dan-i’s background makes her undesirable, however there is an unrequited love looming in the background, the story line of this drama is what happens when an undesirable circumstance meets fate. Fate writes it’s own story ,”Romance is a Bonus Book” is a refreshing twist on a classic K-drama tale of misunderstandings and things unsaid.

– Myriesha

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