I Hear You

And ordinary girl meets and extraordinary man with the help of mutual friends, what starts as a show piece gradually turns into something more. The highs and lows of this drama are born out of jealousy however the leads are good about keeping promises and trusting each other. The communication in this drama is clumsy at some points and genuine in others which makes it easy to spot when feelings in this story line become deeper. The drama tropes are alive and well trust me they didn’t disappear but in this story it doesn’t appear to be as many of them . The pace of this Chinese drama is on the slower end so while I enjoyed this drama, this is more suitable for the Chinese drama viewer that’s well seasoned because this would easily cause viewing frustration if your not accustomed to the story pacing. The cute soft hearted moments come few and far between as far as obviously loving moments, the best moments in this drama are more subtle so you have to watch closely. The resolve and end of this drama made me heart eyed, I sincerely hope you enjoy “I Hear You”. – My

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