Field Notes On Love

There is something so classic about the way this story is put together , it is sweet and innocent but it also ended in a way that gave the characters a promising ending. Hugo is a young man from England born as 1 or 6 , he is a septuplet! Because of the rarity he is a local celebrity , his mom runs a blog about him and his five siblings. Hugo seems to have everything someone needs to live a happy life but he feels like a he’s lacking individuality. Mae is queen of the passion projects with a very specific medium , film making . Mae prides herself on being open and honest , she’s transparent about everything besides her self and her feelings but with the encouragement of her grandmother that believes in living life to the fullest , one week will change everything.

I loved this story , I loved how just like the first time you fall in love it came in waves but it made a point constantly that communication is the most important thing. This story came from two sides of the same coin ,”falling in love again wouldn’t be the worst thing, even though highly unlikely ” and ” Love doesn’t exist it’s just a temporary emotion, it can’t last” . There was a natural flow of emotions mixed with and innocence that made it impossible not to smile . I encourage you to read ,”Field Notes on Love”. We all have dealt with love and loss an could use a dose of happy. – Myriesha

When Dimple Met Rishi

Recently , I’ve completed reading the book ,” When Dimple Met Rishi ” . I know what your thinking , “why would a 25 year old women read this book” ? The answer is simple I love cute stories and this story is cute and unassuming .  In most romance stories the girl is fragile and soft , however in this story Dimple is fierce she doesn’t agree with traditions and she’s not afraid to stand up for herself  and that’s not to say she doesn’t have a soft moment because she does .Dimple is multifaceted she’s feisty but she’s caring and even if she doesn’t say aloud she’s aware of her actions  . Rishi is a quiet guy , he wants to uphold traditions and he loves his culture even down to his use of  “Gods ” instead of ” God”  because of the fact he’s polytheist,  however  this does have its downsides . Rishi doesn’t want to disappoint his parent even though he has an entire other passion he could pursue , he wont because he feels it would disappoint his family and what they want from him so he can be a good Indian son. What makes this story brilliant for me is they fact that as this story progresses you can see that the personalities of the characters aren’t just black and white . I love the use of Hindi through out the story , I also loved how the Desi culture was expressed through out the story . “When  Dimple met Rishi ” modernized a traditional when opposites attract love story and gave it culture. I really loved this book , it made me smile and kept me engaged so that I could read it continuously. This book doesn’t run from its cultural roots , it makes its heritage known . I recommend this book to anyone who wants to smile and unwind. – Myriesha