Well Intended Love

In true Chinese drama fashion this show had its highs and lows , it’s not because it’s a bad show it’s just because they have tropes that include extended misunderstandings and unnecessary conflict . Because they tend to be drawn out over several episodes it can sometimes make this regions dramas hard to watch , however in my opinion “Well Intended Love “ was very engaging . No, it did not abandon its tropes and I believe that the tropes are what separate each region . It kept its tropes it also had a nice viewing pace, it started out fast pace to get into the storyline the two leads meet and begin a relationship of sorts . There is a love triangle that’s that’s more of a love line with consistent interference because of jealousy and an individuals unrequited love, of course you can’t have a romance drama without a little bit of tragedy and chaos . Within in this story there are so many cute moments where you can see a genuine connection with the lead characters in the written friendships and intimate relationships.Truly I enjoyed this drama I recommend it if your looking to get into Chinese dramas this one would be a good place to start . There is supposedly a season 2 in the works and I can’t wait to watch. – My

I Hear You

And ordinary girl meets and extraordinary man with the help of mutual friends, what starts as a show piece gradually turns into something more. The highs and lows of this drama are born out of jealousy however the leads are good about keeping promises and trusting each other. The communication in this drama is clumsy at some points and genuine in others which makes it easy to spot when feelings in this story line become deeper. The drama tropes are alive and well trust me they didn’t disappear but in this story it doesn’t appear to be as many of them . The pace of this Chinese drama is on the slower end so while I enjoyed this drama, this is more suitable for the Chinese drama viewer that’s well seasoned because this would easily cause viewing frustration if your not accustomed to the story pacing. The cute soft hearted moments come few and far between as far as obviously loving moments, the best moments in this drama are more subtle so you have to watch closely. The resolve and end of this drama made me heart eyed, I sincerely hope you enjoy “I Hear You”. – My

Romance is a Bonus Book

The lead actors in this K Drama are Lee Jong-Suk who plays Eun-ho and Lee Na-young who plays Dan-i , although this drama is full of all the tropes we know and love , this one falls into a slightly different category . The age gap in this onscreen relationship is the opposite of the stereotype the woman is older and not only that she’s also a divorced single mom. Dan-i’s backstory made this drama interesting because she’s the difference in the trope. She goes through love and doubt and then she gains hope by speaking with a friend who cares for her and the cycle begins again with the added benefit of loss.

Eun-ho played by Lee Jong-Suk is a man that has only ever loved one woman but she’s only ever seen him as friend , a very dependable friend but a friend none the less. He like Dan-i has had his fair share of love and loss. However unlike Dan-I his Love was unrequited and he emotionally suffered for it but he kept his lips sealed especially when your friendship is solid. Eun-ho is a wildly successful writer , he is also a college professor.Dan-i was a wildly successful marketing specialist, however she gave all of this up to be a wife and mother.

In true K-Drama fashion Dan-i’s background makes her undesirable, however there is an unrequited love looming in the background, the story line of this drama is what happens when an undesirable circumstance meets fate. Fate writes it’s own story ,”Romance is a Bonus Book” is a refreshing twist on a classic K-drama tale of misunderstandings and things unsaid.

– Myriesha

Field Notes On Love

There is something so classic about the way this story is put together , it is sweet and innocent but it also ended in a way that gave the characters a promising ending. Hugo is a young man from England born as 1 or 6 , he is a septuplet! Because of the rarity he is a local celebrity , his mom runs a blog about him and his five siblings. Hugo seems to have everything someone needs to live a happy life but he feels like a he’s lacking individuality. Mae is queen of the passion projects with a very specific medium , film making . Mae prides herself on being open and honest , she’s transparent about everything besides her self and her feelings but with the encouragement of her grandmother that believes in living life to the fullest , one week will change everything.

I loved this story , I loved how just like the first time you fall in love it came in waves but it made a point constantly that communication is the most important thing. This story came from two sides of the same coin ,”falling in love again wouldn’t be the worst thing, even though highly unlikely ” and ” Love doesn’t exist it’s just a temporary emotion, it can’t last” . There was a natural flow of emotions mixed with and innocence that made it impossible not to smile . I encourage you to read ,”Field Notes on Love”. We all have dealt with love and loss an could use a dose of happy. – Myriesha

I’m finding myself envious these days .

I’m working ( I do social work) I’m sitting on the beach with one of my family’s and there are children and couples all around enjoying each other’s company . Then there’s me dressed for work in solitude and sometimes I find myself envious of there happiness and I know that everything that glitters isn’t gold you have to work for that happiness. I find myself thinking about working with someone for that happiness and sharing our joy with each other and it seems so peaceful . It’s crazy to say this but even at 25 years young I feel so ready to settle down . I love to travel but I would be open to having a travel partner and experiencing the beauty of the world together. Even in this envious state seeing all the family brings me so much joy so maybe one day I’ll be blessed with my own . – Myriesha